World Premier! Discover Books Original Video

Hey There! Thanks for tuning in to our blog this week and boy do we have a special treat for you! For the first time in history, Discover Books is releasing a one-of-a-kind video that will take you on a #backtoschool trip down memory lane.

Think back for a second to your very first day of school. In first and second grade, you were probably so excited and couldn’t wait to show off your backpack and your pencil case to all of your friends. Going back to school was a little scary but it was mainly a TON of fun.

school excited.gif

As the years went on, you got to middle and high school where there were probably at least a few days where you begged your parents not to go. After making it through high school and feeling on top of the world for finishing and graduating, then came the pressure to go to college. Your parents and teachers left the sweet sound of…”you will never get a job without a college degree” ringing in your head forever.


Well they were probably right in some capacity…you bit the bullet and went to college which you soon found was nothing like the schooling you were used to. It was amazing! There were social events, parties, naps, friends, parties, class….but mostly parties. You loved it so much that you went back early when the fall came so that you could get a jump start on…well you guessed it…partying.


Then came the reality check when you were halfway through your senior year that in a few short months, you would be out in the world looking for a job and working full time. If only you could just stay in school a few extra years…right?

monday .gif

We have put together an epic video to let you know that you are not alone and the #backtoschool struggle was and still is very real. From not wanting to go to school and doing everything you could to avoid it, to wishing it never had to end. We’ve all been there and we can certainly relate.

The silver lining is that now you have Discover Books to help you through it all. Buy books for your children on their journey through school or choose a book for yourself to help you escape and unwind after a long day in the real world. There are hundreds of books to be read and you can find pretty much all of them on our website!


Without further ado, CLICK HERE! to watch the world premier of our #BacktoSchool video now!

Use code “SCHOOLTENOFF” at checkout on our website, for 10% off of your purchase today!

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