A Successful Non-Profit Partnership to help Let the Stories Live On!

Happy Thursday Bookies!!!!

We wanted to tell you about a great new partner that is helping us to Let The Stories Live On!!

Last week Discover Books had the pleasure of meeting with and learning more about a new non-profit partner. A Book For My Birthday is a non-profit organization based out of Gaithersburg, MD that focuses on replenishing the book-starved areas of their community.

Their website, www.abookformybirthday.com, reads, “Today, many disadvantaged students don’t read or can’t read, simply because they have no books. We want to change that. We are four high school students, and we believe that every disadvantaged early learner in Montgomery County, Maryland, deserves AT LEAST one book, on their birthday.”

We think the cause is fantastic and we were able to provide them with about 2,500 gently used children’s books as the first of many donations to come. The founders of this non-profit (pictured below from left to right – Brent, Alexia, Caleigh & Danny) spent their Saturday last weekend sorting and categorizing books so that the books can reach their full potential when they are delivered.

We’ve included some great pictures below and don’t forget to check out their website! Any donations to Discover Books or to A Book For My Birthday are welcomed to keep the cause going and growing 🙂


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